Sarah Martin & Jonathan Hillman

Our Story

I first saw her dancing in the light of the moon and was mesmerized by her carefree charm and sweeping personality. Not to mention, I was taken by her stunning beauty. As the time flew by I realized that I had spent my entire evening trying to figure out this woman and why I was so interested. Towards the end of the night, I worked up just enough courage and asked her to dance. Things went extremely well and I eventually asked her on our first date. I am the luckiest (and the happiest) man to have such a wonderful, kind and beautiful best friend!

Our Wedding

We will be getting married in Temecula, California at the beautiful Thornton Winery! We have chosen the perfect wedding package and can not wait to share our special day with you all!

Travel Arrangements

For those of you who will be joining us for our romantic wedding at Thornton Winery you must reserve your rooms and book your flights as soon as you can. To book and reserve your rooms, please contact us so we can put you in touch with our travel agent.

A Special Message From Us

We are so blessed to have all of you supporting us and guiding us through this beautiful life! We look forward to sharing the special moments of our beloved wedding day with you. Thank you for visiting our gift registry and sharing this amazing experience with us!